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Buy YouTube Subscribers and Viewers Why?

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Youtube is a hub of videos for different sections of society. It has plenty of videos available on entertainment, information, inspiration, motivation, emotions, education, drama, and many more by different creators. But if you observe, few creators are very popular and rich compared to others.

Creators, the basis of the analysis of popularity is a higher number of viewers and subscribers.

It means for getting these, you must have higher these two factors of popularity. Now there is two methods of getting these –

1-Make high demanding relevant content.

People subscribe to it and share it themselves.

2-Buy them

You will get views and subscribers even with average content. Buying viewers and subscribers will raise-

  • Authenticity

It is natural to watch videos with higher subscribers and viewers. Everyone does the same. While watching videos if one finds the number of subscribers and viewers is less they never prefer, no matter what is the quality of your video. When someone finds while watching a channel a low level of a factor of popularity a sense of doubt creates in their mind immediately and they switch to another for the same related content.

These cases get eliminated with you with a high popularity factor.

  • Growth of channel

While watching videos if one finds your content is good and viewers and subscribers are also in good strength, will definitely share with others. Sharing by numbers of people will help you to grow your channel.

  • Generate income

Youtube pays for your videos if your channel has a higher number of subscribers and viewer’s payment increases with the increment of same. There is no fixed payment by YouTube for your videos, it may vary per video. YouTube decides in what number you are getting views on videos, that’s why it is important to have each video high views. If you are lucky sometimes your videos get viral and become reach up many. This gives recognition and money simultaneously to your channel in less time.

  • Marketing

Sponsors see opportunity in your popularity and they use your channel for marketing their products. You get paid by sponsors for sponsoring, another additional income.

In case you have start-up plans and you need promotions then your own popularity help in that. You would be able to access numbers of peoples in no time.

  • Power of influence.

People start trusting you blindly. You can influence them for a good purpose. You accomplish a power to spread on different relevant topics. There are various topics to be discussed but people do not pay attention to it but one’s favorite creator insists on them blindly without questioning them this is the power of an influencer. Many companies use this power to take people in confidence to buy their products. You get for influencing people as well.

These are the opportunities one gets after buying viewers and subscribers there are many more other hidden opportunities. One thing should be kept in mind buying should be cheap not more than your income but it happens sometimes.

When we talk about successful YouTuber, the first name that comes to our mind is Pewdiedie, the world’s no. 1 YouTuber with 102 million subscribers. Because, the success matrix of youtube depends on, how popular your youtube channel is. That is eventually calculated on an algorithm of the number of views on your youtube video and the number of Subscribers of your youtube channel. Initially, your channel will not get the reach you expect. No matter, what your video quality is. So, how can you attract more traffic?

The answer is, by paying some amount to the Selling Agencies. Those give you a number of subscribers and viewers from a particular field, your channel is based on. Paying for subscribers and getting views is fine. But, up to what extent? This is important to have a look at. Some subscribers may be bots, will stay no longer than one day or two. Some may be from another country who don’t even know your language. So, how would that help in the growth of your channel? Ultimately, they’ll unsubscribe.

If you are paying ₹500 for 400 subscribers to a selling agency, there are possible chances that may contain 100-150 genuine subscribers as well and from 1.2k viewers, there may be more than 100 who subscribe. So, if you calculate you have 200+ subscribers now. This results in more popularity of your channel. The number of subscribers on a channel tempts the more traffic to subscribe.

While creating a channel or watching a video, you will get some advertisements to get a number of subscribers in a particular amount. Don’t go for it right away. They may be fake, just take out the money from you and with no avail. So, the best thing is to search for that agency thoroughly on google and check Reviews by the buyers. Select the best, matching your expectations and obviously your pocket. Pay them and get the results. Youtube has some special filters and authorities have special access to every youtube content.

They check if the reach is genuine. In case, they find any video with bot subscribers, Viewers, who stay less than 10 seconds on a video, they remove them, checking on some other parameters as well. So, the traffic left is your actual number of subscribers and views. The genuine ones and you paid for. Keeping all the pros and cons in mind, you will invest in the agency where you are assured of results. It is not good to invest more and get less. Neither profit nor even you make the same amount, that has been taken from you.

It sounds bad, ain’t it? So, better to check before making a decision. No one can stop you, from being a good Youtuber and eventually in the list of top 50. Sounds Great? Of course, it does! Let’s do it. You are all set to Rock!

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