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Business Analyst Salary and Career Guide



Knowing Salary before enrolling in any professional study might be the priority of many individuals.

It might help them to decide whether their interest in a field is worthy or not.

It is a fact that everyone needs money to survive and to live a dream life.

knowing everything about your profession is constructive.

Now let’s begin with a basic understanding of Business Analyst and their roles within an organization.

What is a Corporate/Business Analyst?

In recent market environments, business analysts have emerged as having a vital role.

Therefore many people think a Business Analyst’s job is to make money for the company.

Yet, indirectly, Business Analysts behavior and judgment do have an impact on the organization’s financial prospects.

What Business Analyst do?

Business Analyst’s primary role is to connect with all stakeholders to create, evaluate and verify the criteria for

improvements in business processes, information systems and policies.

When pushing an enterprise towards performance,

competitiveness, and profitability, a skilled business analyst plays a significant role.

Once we jump into the guide, we can see a Business Analyst’s specific insight to support the organization’s progress.

Any market analyst’s key focus will be to try to understand issues.

Understanding Business working.

Understanding how business in working?

Evaluate how to enhance current business processes.

Define the steps or activities to help the introduction of new features.

Develop new features to implement Examine the effect of implementing new features.

Different Business Analyst Position

Business/Corporate Analyst may be from any field, and the position can vary depending on the industry.

They are categorized into various groups, such as Market Analyst.

Business Process Analyst.
IT Business Systems Analyst.
Software Analyst.
Functional Architect.
Usability or UX Analyst.

Business Analyst Skills

The role of business analyst requires both hard competencies and soft competencies.

BAs need to know how to collect, interpret and monitor patterns in data, and be able to distribute and relate the information to those on the business side.

Not all market analysts need an IT context as long as they understand how processes, products and resources operate.

Conversely, other business analysts have a strong IT background and less business experience and are interested in moving away from IT to this hybrid position.

According to the IIBA, some of the most critical qualifications and experience for a business analyst are:

1 Oral and written communication.
2 Professional Qualification.
3 Interpersonal and consulting skills.
4 Facilitation skills.
5 Analytical thinking and problem solving.
6 Being comprehensive and able to provide a high degree of Organizational accuracy skills.

7 Knowledge of market structure Stakeholder Analysis Needed

Business Analyst Salaries

business analyst salary

According to PayScale data, the average compensation for an IT business analyst is $67,762 a year.

In San Francisco, where the average wage is 28 per cent higher than the national average, the highest paying BAs salaries are.

New York is second, with salaries estimated 18 per cent higher than the national average;

Boston is third, with an annual payment that is 7 per cent higher.

PayScale provides data on similar job titles which fall under the business analyst category.

In those positions the average salaries are as follows:

Job Rank
Business analyst
Business results analyst
Business analyst II
Junior IT business analyst
Application business analyst 
Market intelligence analyst 
ITSM business analyst 
Business analyst 
Business analyst
Business solutions analyst 
Business solutions analyst 
Business analyst 
Agile business analyst 
business analyst salary
Average Salary
business analyst salary


The position of a business analyst is exciting and has to deal with various layers of an organization.

BAs are categorized into specific groups such as Business Process Analyst, I.T. Business Analyst etc.

A good business analyst should have skills such as

Analytical Skills

Management Skills

Business Process and Planning

Technical Skills

Online B.As qualification course available through recognized institution IIBA According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the B.A. job is expected to increase over 19% till 2022.

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