Build And Deploy Angularjs For Your Next Mobile App

In 2020: Build and Deploy AngularJs for Your Next Mobile App It is the Perfect Fit


With the plethora of advanced technologies, we have been analyzed that the concept of web and mobile app development has changed completely. The increasing use of smartphones has altered the traditional way of browsing.

With the rapid mobile app development, smartphones have got more power and authority for their users. And, these good quality app solutions are only possible because of AngularJS development along with the AngularJS framework and Ionic.

Before we jump into the things that how development and deployment of AngularJS is perfect for next-generation mobile apps, we must know a little bit about this technology. Here we go

Introduction to AngularJS

It is an open-source framework that allows developing single-page apps (SPAs). It’s a specific framework that helps to design dynamic web pages effectively. Till now, it has established well as it was launched in the market in the year 2009, and currently, it is known as the most famous JavaScript framework. Since then, it has covered a long way and has been used for rewriting the JavaScript code. Even, AngularJS development services are being utilized for collecting data and providing help to developers in managing the app code integrity.

Important Building Blocks of AngularJS that Makes it a Perfect Fit for Coming Mobile Apps

●     Utilization of MVC Architecture

MVC refers to the Model View Controller, and it is used by the AngularJs framework for mobile app development. For this, you require to do is split the app and then implement MVC into it. After it, MVC will take care of the following things-

It presents the information with the help of the view option.

Data maintenance through the model

The controller is used for having a connection between the view and the model.            

●     Angular Module

It is significantly a base aspect of a specific application. Also, it is a container for a whole group of relevant elements such as filters, controllers, directives, services, etc. it includes a library full of components and services to offer functionalities from the mobile app’s whole business domain. The main thing needed in the AngularJS module is bootstrap the mobile app. In this, all the aspects in a small app can be situated easily in one specific module that is known as the root module. In this, large apps can include more than one specific Angular module, but they require a solo root module at least.  

●     Directives

When it comes to AngularJS Web Development or mobile app development, there are used new syntax or tags or attributes that don’t need basic HTML. Therefore, these are called Directives as they can be anything like a comment, an element name, an attribute, or a CSS class. Angular also contains a set of inbuilt directives including ng-prefix to provide functionalities that are predefined to the whole give app. It also offers the ability to build your directives as well.

●     Style of Code

In regards to AngularJS, there is a Declarative paradigm that is utilized for developing patterns. By using this, it makes the code lightweight and easy to read. The essential codes and outcomes are only defined, and there is no requirement of defining each aspect along with executing the code styling.

●     Controllers

For mobile app development, controllers are essential as they act as a specific mediator between module and view. Despite these, it has control over the whole data in the whole Angular app. It also contains both business logic and data. The controllers in AngularJS are significantly common objects of JavaScript that are described by the specific function of JavaScript object constructor. Different controllers are used for establishing the real initial state for scope objects, including their real behaviors. These can be connected to the DOM in two possible ways that are- using ng-controller, in which a specific new controller object is developed readily, and the other is developing a new child scope.

●     Data Binding

It depicts a technique for completing the synchronization of automatic data between the view and model as well. When the data is in the middle of changes, it displays the full view immediately and also, when the data changes in the view promptly. Hence, the model becomes the only source of truth for data alteration in the whole app, and the view is the only demonstration of model data.  

●     Plain Old JavaScript Object (POJO)

If you are using POJO in AngularJS for mobile app development, then you don’t require any of the getter and setter methods. The addition and elimination of aspects can also be done with the assistance of plain old JavaScript objects.

  • Ready-made and Automated Solutions

Various ready-made modules are available there to guide in solving issues relevant to AngularJS. Mobile apps with different structures can be developed as it has no problems or issues to the project structure regarding the AngularJS. Also, hybrid apps can be developed with the assistance of this framework. 

●     User-friendly and Simple Testing

By using the module separation, there can be loaded only significant services, and also, it can help in effective and automatic testing. Despite it, AngularJS apps can be used on both desktop and mobile that makes it more interactive and user-friendly.

Hence, all these factors are included to make the AngularJS a perfect fit for developing mobile apps in 2020. AngularJS Web Development is also contributing to making this framework popular and its striking features are proving it as the right choice for the next mobile app generation.


It is very necessary to find a suitable and appropriate development tool or framework for building a mobile app as it is a tough task to do with ease. In this digital world full of technologies, you can rely on AngularJS to be ensured regarding mobile app development and gaining such enormous benefits. For this, you must hire a well-known mobile and web app development company to have assistance from experts before heading to the procedure of engineering an interactive and suitable mobile app.

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