Blocking YouTube Ads Is It Possible.

Blocking YouTube Ads Is It Possible.


In one of the last articles on this blog, we have dealt with paid advertising on YouTube and its different formats, among which the most common and that we all probably know is the one at the beginning of the video. But is there any way to skip and go further to directly watch the video we chose? Let’s find out if it is possible and if so how to block advertising on YouTube.

Why is social advertising important?

Before proceeding further with the article we consider it necessary to make a preamble: if on the one hand, we all know the frustration caused by the appearance of an ad just when we were already looking forward to the start of a video or in the middle of a YouTube playlist, from other advertising is important and we shouldn’t block it. YouTube, like many other social platforms, is not paid (at least in its basic version in this case) but it is not completely free either: a cash share is not required as for other services, however, payment in attention is implied. and time by the user, because this is what the platform sells to those who decide to advertise on its spaces. From this, it follows that YouTube is free for users only because there are companies that pay for advertising space, and that by refusing to watch ads by blocking them, you are damaging your free access to content. @ don’t worry about your online payment ghostwritingblog using the best payment gateway.

Not only that: even the world of influencers and content creators on the platform would be irreparably damaged since as we saw in a previous article on how to use AdSense to make money with YouTube, successful channels are paid for the views they manage to lead to promotional content generally inserted at the beginning of the video. In short, blocking the display of ads before or in the middle of the videos we watch on YouTube ends up damaging the entire economy that revolves around the social platform, including influencers and users.

Is it possible to block advertising on YouTube?

Having made the necessary premise, we can get to the heart of the article by answering the first question relating to the subject matter: yes, if you really can’t get along with promotional content, perhaps because they consume data and watch videos from a mobile or because for one night you want to enjoy a playlist without interruption, you can prevent them from appearing. However, we must necessarily remind you that the use of systems that block the display of ads on YouTube is frowned upon by the platform and that in case of control it could even decide to suspend your account. So, especially if YouTube is part of your job, we recommend that you carefully consider using any method to block ads.

Blocking YouTube Ads Is It Possible.

How YouTube ads are blocked

If you are still thinking of blocking advertising on YouTube, the methods are easy to use and easy to find: in recent years, various tools have been created in the form of browser extensions that allow you to automatically block the display of ads. These are the so-called ad blockers, which in English literally means ad- blockers, which can be downloaded for the different browsers of use, on all Firefox and Chrome and which, once activated, detect the advertising content and block its display by the user. The blocked contents do not stop at YouTube video ads only, but extend to the promotional contents of the various sites visited via the browser, effectively making ad-free online browsing. If YouTube’s fight against these extensions has not yet reached a clear mode, many sites already have methods in place to combat the phenomenon and once the adblocker is activated it is not uncommon to encounter screens that prevent the reading of the contents on the requested page unless not to disable the extension.

And on mobile?

Browser extensions are dedicated to desktop browsing, but what happens when you log in from mobile? Even for portable devices such as smartphones and tablets, there are solutions in the form of downloadable apps for both Android and iOS that provide the same service as their desktop counterparts.

A risky choice

In conclusion, although these tools to block YouTube advertising are widely available with a minimum of research, we advise against their use, especially for those in the sector: damaging the social media market and risking having your account suspended is a risk that a few seconds of a video ad is not worth skipping.

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