Best Samsung Computer Monitors To Buy In 2021


Computer and laptops have become our essentials, almost every home on this entire planet are using this technology, talking about computers there are many things to keep track of such as monitors.

If you are a veteran of computer technology you must know the importance of computer monitors, especially if you are a gamer, Samsung computer monitors are on the promising list of best-selling monitors.

The best computer monitor should be high-end in the display space, offer full power, and most importantly best suited to your environment.

Now, whether you wanna buy a full high-end monitor with all the curves or just an ordinary standard monitor on a limited budget, Samsung computer monitors are your one-stop to buy.

After success in the smartphone world, Samsung has successfully launched its laptops, tablets, monitors, and a lot more, here we are discussing some of the best Samsung monitors, they are:

1. Samsung M7 Series

This monitor screen is the world’s first Do-It-All screen, it comes with 32 inches LED screen, and it provides the best picture result with a 4K screen resolution and 60Hz refresh rate.

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Samsung M7 Series comes in a very decent, sleek, and slim fit design which is a perfect match for any desk, it has built-in high volume speakers to enjoy movies and TV series because it supports TV functionalities now you can watch Netflix, HBO, and Apple AirPlay 2.
You can make easy mobile connections using an HDMI or USB-C cable, and you will be able to access it remotely, in short, this Samsung computer monitor is a one-touch entertainment spot.[/caption]

Where can you buy it?

You can now buy this monitor screen online by performing few steps at Amazon for $349, Best Buy for $350, and Walmart for $349.

2. Samsung CRG9

If you are a gaming lover and want a seriously widescreen monitor, the Samsung CRG9 monitor could be your next gaming monitor, this ultra-wide monitor screen comes with 49 inches widescreen and a 3840 x 1200 screen resolution.

samsungcrg9samsung crg90

Now you can enjoy the high-quality smooth visuals even in fast motion scenes with a 120Hz refresh rate, and AMD FreeSync 2 feature.
For mobile connectivity, you can use USB-C, HDMI, or one of the dual DisplayPorts and can enjoy the big screen view.

Where can you buy Samsung CRG9 Monitor?

You can buy this amazing gaming monitor online at Amazon for $1,176, at Walmart for $1,100, and at Newegg for $1100.

3. Samsung SJ55W

This monitor is also a good choice for gaming, it comes with 34 inches liquid crystal display (LCD) screen and a 75Hz refresh rate for razor-sharp images.
It comes with a screen resolution of 3440 x 1440 and supports both picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture modes.

samsungsj55gallery01 heroimage ls34j550wqnxza 092518 This Samsung computer monitor’s stand can be rotated, tilted, and swiveled, it also includes AMD Freesync support, you can make mobile connectivity via HDMI or DisplayPort.

Where can you buy Samsung SJ55W Monitor?

You can buy this razor-sharp, in-budget monitor online at Amazon, Newegg, and Walmart for $360.

4. Samsung Odyssey G5

Samsung Odyssey G5 is best for smooth gameplay as it comes in three different sizes 27, 32, and 34 inches, it provides 2560 x 1440 screen resolution.
samsungodysseyg5pdp gallery odyssey g5 01 1600x1200

Where can you buy it?

You can buy this 1000R curved Odyssey G5 screen at Amazon for $320, Best Buy for $300, and Walmart for $300.

5. Samsung Odyssey Neo G9

Odyssey Neo G9 is the biggest and best monitor introduced by Samsung, it has a gigantic 49 inches wide screen with 1000R curvature.
It has a screen resolution of 5120 x 1440 and a 240 Hz refresh rate for the best object quality, it is both NVIDIA G and AMD FreeSync compatible.

samsungodysseyneog9s49ag950nm 001 front1 whtie This monitor has a peak brightness of 2000 nits and it is both HDR and HDR10+ compatibility, making it an ideal choice for a gaming monitor.

Where can you buy Samsung Odyssey Neo G9?

You can buy this amazing gaming beast monitor for an excellent gaming experience for US$2,499.99 at Amazon.

6. Samsung SD850

Samsung Sd850 monitor comes with a clean and professional design, it is built on picture-by-picture technology and allows easy multitasking with PIP 2.0, it is a full flex entertainment screen with RGB color production.
This 32 inches LED monitor comes with WQHD resolution, and a 60Hz refresh rate for superior visuals and its response time is 5ms.
samsungsd850pdpdefault ls32d85ktsr za 600x600 c1 052016 You can adjust its stand to tilt, rotate, pivot, and swivel, and for the mobile connection you can use HDMI, DisplayPort, or DVI, and the peak brightness it provides is 300 CD/M2.

Where can you buy Samsung SD850?

You can buy this monitor screen at Amazon, Walmart, and Samsung official store for $350, you can also get seasonal discounts.

Computer Stickers

We see people getting obsessed with computer stickers to make their laptops, monitors, and tablets look more chic and classy, especially gamers who buy gaming stickers for their gaming computers.

There are many online sites and social media pages that are selling computer stickers, though the question of their authenticity is what concerns people the most.

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Below is the list of some authentic sites to buy computer stickers:

  • Amazon is the most authentic site to buy them.
  • Redbubble 
  • FoamCorePrint 

You can also buy computer stickers from local stationery shops or malls at a very reasonable price and can make your computer monitors, or laptops aesthetically cool.

Final Words

If you are looking to buy the best monitor for your gaming and general use then Samsung computer monitors are your stop.

Some of the best-selling Samsung monitors including the Samsung M7 Series, Samsung CrG9, Samsung SJ55W, Samsung Odyssey G5, and Neo G9 are discussed in the article above, you can read their description along with prices and make the best decision for your next monitor purchase.

If you want to buy computer stickers as well then you will find some authentic sites mentioned above to buy them.

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