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Best investment options for 2020 in India to become Financially Strong & Safe


People spend their entire lives working for money. However, the smarter way is to make your money work for you. This is possible through investing. By investing in the right assets and giving them time to grow, you can eventually become financially free where your investments will start generating a steady source of income for you.

This is the magic of compound interest. To successfully witness the magic of compounding, these two requirements:

  1. Find the right assets to invest in
  2. Stay invested for a long time

In this article, we will be discussing the best investment options for 2020 in India to become financially strong and safe. So let’s begin:

Fixed Deposit

Fixed deposit are one of the oldest and safest ways to let your money grow. No extra account has to be opened and every savings account holder can open a fixed deposit with the same branch. The fixed deposit schemes offered by the banks are very lucrative.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are one of the easiest ways to get one of the best returns of your investments. Mutual funds are managed by the professionals and hence, your money keeps growing while being in safe hands. In a mutual fund, a pool of money from different investors is invested in a mixture of financial instruments to achieve a certain target.

Just choose the right mutual fund which meets your investment goal and time-frame and stay invested in it for the entire cycle to see the full growth.


PPF is a direct tax-free investment scheme for government-sponsored savings and retirement planning. It can be very beneficial for individuals who do not have a structured pension plan.

The interest rate on the PPF is based on the interest rates in debt markets. However, the money gets locked in for 15 years. Partial withdrawals are allowed only after the sixth year. Redemption proceeds are tax-free in the hands of investors.

Real Estate

If you have got some money to park for a long time, then you should invest some of it is a good piece of land. Investing in real estate can be a little tiresome due to the search for a property and the underlying paperwork. However, through real estate brokers, this all can be outsourced at reasonable prices.

If there is anything whose values won’t depreciate, then they are real estate and gold. This brings us to our next class of assets.


Gold prices have been on the rise these days and they are a witness to how wonderfully can gold pay you back if you choose to invest in it at the right time. The best way is to open up a SIP and keep investing in it every month.

You can set aside some small amount every month and when you have enough amounts to invest, then you can put it in a fixed deposit. With the lucrative fixed deposit rates, this is still a good option to park your extra money for a long period.

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