Best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2020

Best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2020


Best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2020

Cryptocurrency comes into spotlight with the advent of Blockchain technology. Everyone is searching for the right crypto-monetary investment in 2020.

It was back in 2017 when cryptocurrency was highlighting due to Bitcoin’s instant boom price that reached around 20,000 USD / Coin.

But even this is shocking after that spike, the price trend was gradually dropping.

Stastista updates new stats, which will help you understand the price rise and fall trend from Bitcoin’s November 2016 to November 2019.

Yeah, for a short time that was a big hike that was effective in catching the attention of numerous people.

Now everyone is looking to the same side again and again in hope that they need to invest in 2020 to the best cryptocurrency.

On the crypto market everyone is looking which currency they can invest in?

Best CryptoCurrency to Invest in 2020

Truth is the currency that knows well that doesn’t mean it’s your first investment option.

Investing in 2020 is the first goal to find out which crypto-currency was the best to invest in 2019.

There are approximately 2073 reported currencies according to CoinMarketCap. In which some possess great ability and many do not.

Most Commonly known Cryptocurrencies

If, I’ll ask people what currency they’d like to invest in. Their response probably will be below.

1 – Bitcoin

2 – Ethereum

3 – Ripple

4 – Litecoin

5 – Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash It’s evident that they’re just familiar with so many names, but there’s a lot of unknown money to invest in.

So stick with us, I’ll share with you top ten lists of cryptocurrencies that are well-known in the portfolio of crypto news and investment firms.

For sure you’ll get an response after reading this article for what’s the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2020.

It is the most important to learn about the idea of investing in cryptocurrency before investing in cryptocurrency.

Reasons to invest in Cryptocurrency?

The new emerging and best option to do investment is the same as the stock market and other investment network cryptocurrency.

But there are few things to examine first, for how long would you like to invest in?

The explanation is that Bitcoin was released back in 2009 and it did not receive any response until 2016 and at the beginning of 2017 it had a huge market price shift.

Stock investing has the number of guidelines and options available on the market to examine, but cryptocurrency is not available, because it is a decentralized currency.

So, for Cryptocurrency price shift, it’s hard to foresee, it’s more kind of pump and dump based on trend reports.

Same as other corporate investments. Investors will decide first how much income they plan to make.

And there may be both loss chances and profits.

Investment period The biggest thing you’d have to ask yourself is how long you’d have to invest?  Yes, it’s not easy to make a decision, but i will help you answer.

Long Term Investment

Because we have seen the cryptocurrency phenomenon, it’s got many up and down.

Just like other investments, you can choose the length of the investment yourself.

We’ve selected every cryptocurrency before. It’s a wise decision to do the research that’s needed and try to find the future growth potential.

As we expect to invest for a longer period of time then seek to find a reply for below.

1. Which was the currency pattern of the last 2 years?

2. Have you got that long enough balance to keep it?

3. Identify the company’s future capacity.

4. What about the company’s planned partnership with other companies?

5. In case of the worst scenario determine the profit-loss margin.

If you are able to answer the above 5 questions then get on board.

Of course the long-term decision may have different aspects.

1. Period to meet in terms of any target level.

2. Period of holding the Fund for particular years or months.

Those two are essential determinants that need to be established before investment is made.

Short term investment

This choice is generally appropriate for those already well-experienced in the crypto-currency industry.

The explanation for this is that there are two chances you can either fail or succeed.

As the near-future growth chances are easier to define compared to the long period.

Since you saw in Bitcoin start 2017 everyone has started investing in Bitcoin and there has been a positive trend in the market.

Few people made the blind decision to invest with the business, and they earned good benefit in the short term.

Isn’t it worth it?

I think so, but the short-term benefit possibilities aren’t set but certainly if you’re up-to-date with the market then you can do that.

You’ve learned of IPO in the capital market, a similar way in cryptocurrency we have ICO (Initial coin offering).

The new business sells the set percentage of the coin in ICO at a cheaper price.

Taking advantage of those incentives is this moment. Take part in well-authentic coinage and seek to buy as many as possible.

Electronium Coin

Let’s take Electronium Coin as an example, its price was around $0.01/Coin when it was in ICO and after the official launch. It had been exchanged for $0.30/Coin in cryptopia.

You have made 30 times profit in just a few days.

This is called the wiser decision: There are many ways to invest for a short period, such as daily trading, purchasing ICO, and investing in currency.

Until making a decision in the short term, make sure you are armed with answers to the questions below.

1. Where are you willing to spend, is it in ICO or in the currency or regular trade?

2. Investment time 3. The most critical question to address is, how much benefit or loss you are willing to sell for.

4. Do you have enough knowledge to make the investment because there is a high risk of failure in the short term?

5. Is it possible for you to subscribe to crypto news and company newsletter on a regular basis?

Now it seems as if you’re able to invest.

All the knowledge we’ve shared is based on the experience we’ve had up to 2019 in the past year but now 2020 has started.

So plan for the latest approach and use variables that have been studied in past years. Let me share your searchable list of crypto-currencies.

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So now, I’ll share the Best Cryptocurrency list to invest in 2020.

Top 8 Best Cryptocurrencies list to invest in 2020 I’m not sure how acquainted you are with cryptocurrencies but try to share as much knowledge as possible.

So the market seems to have good potential to expand but it’s up to you to decide where you want to invest.

Let me go through the currency list:

1- Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC)

is the mother of cryptocurrency, all other cryptocurrencies are exchanged using Bitcoin.

And how can we forget that?

The best part of cryptocurrencies, as news for Bitcoin is still in spotlight, it is very beneficial in both long term and short term investment.

So discovering game-changing knowledge doesn’t need further effort.

Wanna find out more about Bitcoin?

Read –What is Bitcoin and how it created Bitcoin’s current active price hangs about $4000 -4500 and it’s worth $114 trillion in all-around market capitalization.

Despite of worldwide currency acceptance it is worth purchasing, and you can get several ATMs to turn into cash in the USA itself.

Yet in terms of price it is so much higher and it takes a lot of capital to spend in order to achieve a high-profit margin.

But the decision to invest in Bitcoin is worthwhile and I find this one of the best crypto-currency to invest in 2020.

If you really believe that buying Bitcoin Now is worth it? Don’t miss out on our definitive Bitcoin future guide instead.

2- Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is the second investment option, just as there are different currencies in Bitcoin which only accept Ethereum in exchange for ICO.

This has a market capitalisation of about $23.5 billion.

We saw a very big increase in the year 2017 from the price chart starting from November 2016 till November 2019, though Bitcoin was in trend as well.

So it confirms it’s having a good effect on price change based on Bitcoin trend. In January 2018 it had reached around $1000/Coin.

So detecting trending news is simpler, because it has a clear correlation with Bitcoin.

Ethereum’s best part is, it’s well known who created technology and it’s much easier to concentrate on those business newsletters and get the coin’s potential future pattern.

Ethereum Everything you need to learn about, mining, wallet, future

3- Bitcoin Cash(BCH)

Bitcoin Cash is another major cryptocurrency, originating in 2017 from Bitcoin itself.

It was implemented to solve Bitcoin’s minimum block size, and has gained prominence overnight and become the best investment option.

Moreover It might be important to know that if any such fork occurs with Bitcoin to produce new currency, then anyone who has Bitcoin will receive an equivalent amount of new currency free of charge.

|However It was the same in the case of Bitcoin cash and I got a $100 bonus as a reward.

Bitcoin has a market capitalization of approximately $9.32 billion.

From the trend map, it seems as if it should be your priority when considering an investment option in 2020.

4- Ripple (XRP)

Ripple (XRP)

You think Ripple is the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2020, or not.

The people who invested in early 2017 got a smile on their faces at the end of 2017, when ripple hit around $3/coin from 0.12$.

It is most popular and commonly used cryptocurrency, the explanation for this is not just a cryptocurrency but a commonly used payment processing technology,and Ethereum payment processing time.

Currently has a large market value of around USD 15 trillion.

The interesting thing about Ripple(XRP) is that bigger corporations such as JP Morgan, American Express, the central bank of Saudi Arabia do use ripple technology to clear their transaction.

And if you’re curious about the best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2020 then that’s your best bet.

Check our unique guide on all information relevant to Ripple adoption and possible XRP tokens to learn more about Ripple.

5- Litecoin (LTC)


Well, just like bitcoin, it also got its name in 2017, when its price rose from $4 to $320 +.

This Coin has some benefits in terms of block time, as opposed to Bitcoin. Bitcoin has a block of about 10 minutes but the block size of Litecoin is only 2 minutes 30 seconds.

It has total market cap value of about 84 million coins compared to Bitcoin’s 21 million coins.

If you’re interested in mining Litecoin then here’s a comprehensive guide. There are few free ways to get Free Litecoin So it’s worth considering as part of the investment as it got fairly spike to bitcoin.

6- NEO (NEO)

NEO is the best young cryptocurrency to invest in, it is crypto-currency of Chinese origin.

It has a stock cap of 100 million, and is currently in circulation at 65 million.

Where it has approximately 15-30 seconds of block clearance time much faster than Bitcoin.

NEO’s best part is it has the support of proven Chinese authority. NEO came into the boom after banning Bitcoin in China, and spread throughout the world.

You can guess how much major market China has and if Chinese govt can give full support to NEO in the future then you can’t even predict the coin’s price.

We’ve prepared a detailed guide on it to help you understand NEO in depth. Search for more.

This has the potential to make 10,000 transactions per second and rising prospects, it is on my list to invest in 2019 as the best cryptocurrency.

This coin also got a boost in 2017 and its price rose from $4-$ 304. That is because a lot of buyers have been in this currency.

7 -Dash Coin (DASH)

Dash is a digital cryptocurrency forked out of Bitcoin, which is why it has become so popular.

This has a total stock of 18 million, and 0.8 million coins are currently in circulation.

It is the most stable and may also be the best crypto-currency to invest in 2020.

It also received a price boost from $20 to $1100, so it has people’s confidence and could be yours too.

I assume you’re already aware of the top 6 currency, so let me share some unknown cryptocurrencies that should be the best investment cryptocurrency in 2020.

8 – Electroneum (ETN)

 Many of you didn’t even know about this coin, but it originated in 2017, and it became quite popular even in ICO.

This has an interesting concept of using mobile technology to mining. Which made this coin relatively popular in 2017,2018 and 2019 and highly recommended.

The team behind this coin is very positive and sharing details about price, and they have been working closely with few companies to do the coin transaction in exchange for products.

In ICO its price was about 0.01 $and it was traded about 0.30 $just after a minute of sale.

This was later registered with Coinmarketcap so you couldn’t see the price increase here in the chart above.

I would strongly recommend that you include this in the Best Cryptocurrency List to invest in 2020.

Basically let me suggest a couple more currencies that are worth searching for.

These are new cryptocurrencies, which will compete in the future with Bitcoin and Ethereum.


2 – Cardano (ADA)

3 – Stellar(XLM)

4 – DogeCoin

5 – Monero (XMR)

6 – Bitcoin Gold(BTG)

7 – DigiByte

Ok, if you don’t know Cryptocurrency’s future might be bright with the launch of Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency, read its 7 Key points here.

Overview and Conclusion

It is very difficult to find the cryptocurrency and forecast future development. So, first decide to address why you want to invest?

Then go for the best cryptocurrency mentioned above to invest in 2020.

The full manual on how to exchange on Bittrex is to buy any such cryptocurrency from Bittrex here.

Cryptocurrency has a promising future and has the potential to expand and there are about 28 million blockchain wallet users around the globe according to stats reported by statista.

There are different ways of investing and having free cryptocurrency to learn more about visiting post.

I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope you’ll get positive reviews from the project.

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