Bakery Packaging Boxes

Bakery Products And Their Relative Packaging Techniques


There was a time when baking techniques were not that advanced and there were not many ingredients to choose from. People had to work with what was available and the products were simple such as regular breads and flatbreads. Times have changed now, we live in an industrial revolution. With the advent of technology in every field of life, Bakery products have evolved too. Now there are at least 35 types of bread available in the market. They can’t be confided to the limits of mere bread. There are so many bakery products but they can be classified into three major categories.

  1. Bread Items:
  • Bagels
  • Donuts
  • Cakes
  • Pastries
  1. Cakes:
  2. Non-Bread items:
  • Biscuits
  • Cookies
  • Macaroons
  • Pies
  • Muffins

This vast range of products has unique needs for Bakery Packaging Boxes.

First category for bakery products is bread items. In addition to basic breads like sliced bread, buns, flatbreads etcetera this includes:


Bagel is one of the most popular breads eaten in the United States. What makes bagels special is its distinctive taste, chewy texture, and shiny appearance.

Bakery Packaging Boxes
Bakery Packaging Boxes

Packaging for bagels:

It is one of the more stable bakery products i.e. it’s not very fragile. So they don’t require much protection in terms of packaging. The most common method for packaging used is zippy bags or brown papers. Some high-end bakeries use foldable boxes for their bagels as well.

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Donuts, the circles of happiness, come in so many flavors. Chocolate, regular, cheery, center filled, salted caramel, you name it there will be a donut flavor. It is liked by all age groups and has a universal reach.

Packaging for donuts:

Standard retail packaging for donuts is glazed kraft boxes. Krispy Crème is an excellent example of foldable kraft boxes with window technique for the donut boxes. This design gives a peek into the box enough to tempt but not to reveal the whole thing.


Originally, cakes were an advanced form of breads but now they’re an amalgamation of fragile and not so fragile products. It is a versatile bakery item with so many flavors and varieties. Cake confectionary is a huge business and some cakes even look too pretty to eat. But regular kinds found in bakeries are cakes with icing and dry cakes.

Packaging for cakes:

Some cakes such as dry fruitcakes and cakes with no icing don’t require protective or sturdy boxes. Cakes with icing require good quality, sturdy boxes that protect the product. Foldable boxes with window cut and attractive printing are the most common packaging design for cakes.

Non-bread items:


Biscuits are flour-based, flavored, flat bakery items. Biscuits are commonly baked in round shape but they come in all sizes and shapes.

Packaging for biscuits:

Biscuits can be brittle sometimes, but normally they’re hard and not so fragile. To maintain the crisp and flavor of biscuits, they’re retailed in clear plastic containers. Corrugated and kraft boxes are also used for some biscuits.


The basic recipe for cookies is similar to biscuits i.e. Flour-based. The only difference is in the texture; cookies are not hard or snappy but gooey and chewy. The most common type of cookies are Resins, chocolate chips, and oats.


Macaroons can be called The most fragile bakery products. Two hard biscuits are connected through a cream-filled center. Macaroons are made with almond flour and are expensive delicacies.

Packaging for macaroons:

Macaroons need extra sturdy boxes with base of crepe paper or tissues to hold them In place. Regular foldable boxes don’t work well for macaroons.


Pies have a pasty base that makes the crust and a center filled. The filling can be sweet such as apple pie and savory like chicken.

Packaging for pies:

Packaging depends on the crust of the pie. Single crust or bottom crust pies need more protective bakery packaging boxes as the top is exposed. Top or double-crust pie is easier to handle and kraft boxes can be used.


American muffins are like cupcakes with icing and all. A muffin is like if a flatbread married a cake and they had a child. Muffins are usually sweet sometimes with filling inside.

Packaging for muffins:

Muffins can be sold in clear plastic containers or white kraft boxes.

For the success of their business, all bakery owners must invest in custom bakery packaging boxes.

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