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Baal Aadhaar – Give Your Child an Identity


Aadhaar Card: All about Aadhaar

Aadhar has become a means of existence in today’s world. It is in the real sense ‘Aam aadmi ka aadhar’. Though it is required for all financial activities, yet it is not that it is only the people above 18 are required to and can have an aadhar. An aadhar is based on the biometric details of an individual; however, toddlers who develop their biometric features up to age five can have an aadhar card as well. The aadhar card issued and meant for a child and a newborn is called the ‘Baal Aadhar card’. Even children require aadhar card to vail provisions like midday meals, for school admissions, and travelling purposes.

Baal Aadhaar:

The Baal Aadhar is different from the aadhar for adults, as it is blue in color, and does not contain the biometric details like the fingerprint scan or the iris scan. Parents must show their aadhar card details during the Baal aadhar application because the child’s aadhar is to be linked to that of his parents until the age of five. Further, the biometric details for the child are collected only after the child turns five years old. After the biometric information of the child is taken, they are updated to the child’s aadhar details, though there’s no change in the aadhar number.

How to Apply Baal Aadhaar?

To apply for a Baal aadhar, one needs to submit the child’s birth certificate, the child’s photograph, the aadhar card of the parents, and the address proofs. The aadhar card of the parents is required because until the child turns five, his Baal aadhar is linked to that of their parents. After the child turns five, his biometric details are linked to his aadhar. However, there is no change in the 12-digit aadhaar number.

To apply for a Baal aadhar, one needs to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • To apply for Baal aadhar, one needs to visit the UIDAI website or the nearest aadhaar enrollment centre. However, one is required to begin the process with a birth certificate.
  • Further, provide the aadhar details of at least one of the parents to enable linking the child aadhar to that of the parents. Also, provide the child’s photograph.
  • You are required to fill in the Baal Aadhar application form, with the required details, such as the parent’s phone number.
  • Ensure collecting the registration slip after filling the application form.
  • On successful registration, a verification SMS is sent to the provided mobile number.
  • The Baal aadhar is delivered to the registered address as per the application form, within a few days.
  • You can also download E-Aadhaar card from UIDAI Portal.

The aadhar card registration can be done both online and offline, without paying any cost for the same. However, for successful Baal aadhar registration, one needs to be sure of certain documents, like the birth certificate of the child, aadhar details of the parents, parents address and identity proofs. However, if the child for whom Baal aadhar is applied for is not a toddler, but less than 18 years of age, then a photo ID allotted by the child’s school has to be submitted for the Baal aadhar application.

Further, to ensure that the address proof is submitted correctly, one needs to provide an address certificate with the child’s photograph issued by the MP or MLA, Tehsildar, or a Gazetted officer. Further, for rural areas, one is required to submit an address certificate issued by the Village Panchayat.

Thus, on a concluding note, it is now clear that aadhar has become a mark of identity for everybody to create a substantial identity. It covers people of all age, gender, caste, religion and occupation. The twelve-digit identification number has become the basis of authenticity, transparency, efficiency and legality in the country. Thereby, getting your child enrolled for an aadhar card is essential and compulsory for all.

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