The organization has told program leaders, recognized as Amazon Associates,

Amazon Affiliate Fee Reduction|Disappointment|


Amazon affiliate fee reduction

Amazon is slashing payment rates for its affiliate membership scheme.

The organization has told program leaders, recognized as Amazon Associates,

that it will cut commission rates beginning April 21

according to an email obtained from Amazon Affiliate.

Amazon has been running the affiliate program for years,

allowing affiliates to promote and connect to Amazon

products in exchange for a portion of sales.

The software drives significant revenue in its content for online websites that connect to Amazon goods.

For online publishers like BuzzFeed,

The New York Times and Vox Media, it’s particularly

important to publish shopping guides that encourage

readers to purchase Amazon items for a cut in sales.

Tariffs are being imposed

Tariffs are being imposed on a variety of types of partner items.

For example,

the affiliate cut from furniture purchases and home

improvement items fell from 8% to 3%, while the profit rate

for grocery items fell from 5% to 1%, according to the latest update.   

An Amazon spokeswoman stated to CNBC that U.S. associates were informed of the fee shift Tuesday.

The spokesman refused to comment about whether the decision was a result of the pandemic coronavirus.

He Further said Amazon periodically reviews its product

offerings to ensure it is competitive with the wider

market and added that these rate assessments are a common practice in the market.

Here’s what Amazon is telling its affiliate program members:

Hello Associate, we hope you stay well during this time.

We write to remind you of pending improvements to the

Amazon Associates Operating System Agreement, which

regulates your involvement in the Amazon Associates System.

All changes are effective with effect from April 21, 2020.

To see a rundown of those changes, visit the What’s Changed tab.

amazon affiliate fee reduction

If you would like to return to the existing, pre-change

versions, you will also find the Operating Agreement, System Rules, and the Fee Statement.

Sincerely, due to the coronavirus outbreak, the operation of

The Amazon Associates System Amazon was affected on a variety of fronts.

The company, hit by a flood of online orders, moved to prioritize shipments of critical products in its warehouses,

although it has since begun to wind down those restrictions.

The virus also forced Amazon to temporarily suspend its distribution service to Prime Pantry, while its pilot program

for Amazon Shipping would be halted in June.

amazon affiliate fee reduction
Amazon Affiliate Fee Reduction


Amazon had already made some cuts to its marketing packages before the announcement Tuesday.

According to The Details, the organization told digital media

companies last month that it would suspend trade marketing deals.

One program leader, who requested to remain anonymous, said they could “not afford” the fee reductions that had been

implemented, as a large portion of their income comes from

commissions received from Amazon connections.

The member runs many Facebook groups, including

Amazon goods, which advertise shopping deals across the site.

amazon affiliate fee reduction

“All the affiliates that I speak to make most of their money

from these categories,” said the leader. “It’s going to affect a lot of people.”

Bloggers and online companies on Twitter and Reddit expressed their disappointment at the cuts.

One system leader wrote in a Reddit forum for affiliate marketing:

” Somehow These slashing are crazy. SEO / affiliate outlook is pretty grim, to be honest, along with a strong risk of a coming recession.

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