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A-listed Project Management Tools (Updated 2021)


To see the business boom overnight, exceptional measures are to be taken. When the sales and operations are peaked, the responsibility is also peaked. That responsibility goes both ways. To manage the sales & operations. And to manage the international operations to ensure the furtherance of all those operations is also an incredible part of a business. What this is all about? This is about Project Management. More than a million startup around the world makes its inception. Not all of them are competent and durable enough to face the ordeal. Eventually, they are left with no choice but to collapse due to different circumvents. Management tools and management tendencies are pivotal to ensuring the furtherance of a startup. That furtherance is ameliorated when publications depict that 43% of startups collapse within only the first years. Determining the needs and requirements of the organization is necessitated and needs to be figured out. Likewise, tools are to be co-opted based on those prerequisites. Today, every web-run business is subject to the objectification of these project management tools. Whether they are Wiley X Shooting Glasses sales. Or whether they are e-commerce sales on Amazon. The fundamental concept of managing operations remains the same with tiny and tedious various business nature. See the updated list of the Project Management Tools for 2021.

§  Podio.

When it comes to Flexibility & Customization, Podio is a prominent choice for managing teams. Every activity made by any autonomous or team member pops up. It perfectly helps to Assign tasks, Share encrypted & large files, attach files, Automate workflows, discuss details & solutions, Automate the sales pipelines, project budget tracking, overview visual dashboards, and many more. Pricing starts from $24/month. It supports maximum features.

§  Basecamp.

When it comes to collaborating on innumerable platforms with the help of a single & central platform, Basecamp is for multifarious management teams and various departments. It allows the proper linkage of other platforms in its layout to be fetched at the appropriate time of need. There is no need to input information multifarious times. It needs to be done just once and from that point, it would automatically fetch the information. Monitoring, assigning, collaboration, tagging, evaluation, and innumerable other possibilities are functional in this tool. Explicitly, it can do another wonder as well including Workload View, Task & Subtasks, Public Snapshot Sharing Options, Timelines, Multiple Projects & Workspaces, Dependencies & Milestones, Critical Path, Team Collaboration Options Notification & Task Assignment, Estimated And Actual Cost, Custom View & Custom Fields, Custom Color Options, Risk & Priority, Baselines, Drag & Drop, Excel, Image & PDF Exportation. Pricing starts at $99/month.

§  Asana.

Asana is the perfect interpretation for Project Management Tool.  Asana is a fundamental layout for management. Asana is also interpreted with advanced functionality and operational tendencies. Not a single entity at business, it precisely keeps the records of every working entity for the business. Every notification. Every task completion and Assignment of the task is recorded in its layout. Simple Business format i.e. Low traffic sites i.e. Motorcycle Sunglasses or Gutter Services can embed Asana into their operations. The layout of Asana is marginalized for effective linkage of Slack, and Dropbox. It’s free for 15 users. Pricing starts at $9/month.

§  Scoro.

In the fast-paced and professionally aggressive environments, not everything needs to be input explicitly. Things are need in wholesome exposures like that of Flowchart for instant understanding. The score is the perfect layout to interpret how flowcharts are effectuated predicament management. When it comes to operational support, it is effectively supported by Google Chrome, iOS, Android, and Web. It supports multifarious operational tendency which include Task Creation, Task Assignment, Tagging, Notifications, and innumerable others. Amongst its top-notch operational capacities, Drag & Drop, Guest Permission, Baselines, Multiple Project Views, Guest Permission, Baselines, and Tasks & Subtasks fulfill the necessity of management at best.

§  JIRA.

Even some highly advanced Project Management Tools don’t support effectuated customization. They are good at their custom-built operational capabilities. Other than that, they support customization. On the other hand, Atlassian JIRA is handier when it comes to embedding the Customized Support System in it. That’s not all. It articulates innumerable other features as well. Task Tray, Notepad, Assigned Comments, Dark Mode, Integrations, Assigned Comments, and Multiple Views suit the credibility of JIRA.

§  WorkBook.

If it comes with a user-friendly layout that supports all the tasks with a lot of easement, Workbook is the mandated option in this regard. This tool has two multifarious versions for middle level and advanced level businesses. Each one has a User-Friendly layout that supports maximum Project Management related features it. Collaboration Tools, Visual Display of Progress, Easy Communication, Tag People, Email Notifications Execution Board, Big Screen Display, Dropbox Integrations, Google Drive, and Pipe Drive are also part of it.

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