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8 Problems and their Solution for Windows PC User

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Every Operating System can have errors or issues while working. Using the simple method/ steps you can easily rectify those errors and make your system error-free once again. In this article, you can witness some of the most common issues and their solution to try. The issues which we have listed are very common in Windows. Read below to know the issue and the solution.

8 Most Common Problem in Windows PC

The list below consists of problems that the majority of Windows users face while working. To avoid the problem you can follow the solution.

1. Storage Space Issue

Every system has a limited storage space which may affect the processing speed of a computer whether you have a Mac or a Windows. Space can be filled with your important documents but in most cases, we have observed that the user’s who face an issue with the storage space are due to the unused and duplicate files which keep on adding up in the system.

To avoid the storage space issue you can use software that will clean the system and help you find the duplicates. Other than this if you have important files, you can upgrade your storage or have an external hard disk to store your data.  Using these two methods you can easily make space in your system.

2. Slow Speed of the Computer

If you observe that your Windows PC speed has decreased with time then it can be due to the load and time. If you are using a very old system then this is a very common issue. To avoid the speed issue in an old device you need to upgrade some of your hardware like RAM and Hard Disk.

In other cases, new devices also face the issue of slow down, which can be due to the load. The load on the system is determined by the storage and functioning of the system. If you have a lot of data stored in the system you need to follow the steps mentioned above. Other than the storage you need to be aware of the ability of the computer. If you are running too much software together at the same time then also you can face this problem. It is always recommended to run only the software which you are using and close all the other running software.

3. Threats

The Internet is the pathway for threats to enter the system. They can enter your system and corrupt your files which can never be restored again. Other than just corrupting files they can even slow down the system. To protect your system from threats you need to have antivirus software that will keep your computer protected from all types of viruses. Other than just protecting it will help you to remove the malware or viruses present in your system.

Using the software you can run a scan on the computer and then the software will detect all the present viruses and remove them easily. While you have the software it will keep on notifying you about your activities which can lead to permitting the viruses to enter.  Protect your system and maintain it like a brand new, use Antivirus software.

4. Hardware Connection Error

One of the most common issues which users face is a hardware connection failure. In most cases, the error is due to the outdated or incompatible drivers set in the system. For example, if your audio devices fail to connect it can be due to the drivers and in this case, you need to update audio sound drivers in the system.

For updating the drivers you can use either a manual method or an automatic method. We would recommend you to use the automatic method as the manual method can be very time-consuming and frustrating for some of the users. While on the other hand, you can use software to update all your drivers with just a click.

You can search for driver updater for Windows 10/ 8/ 7 on google to find the list of software. From the list of software, you can choose the software which works best for you.

5. Unnecessary Notifications

Some of you might have enabled the notification to keep yourself updated, but when it keeps popping it becomes annoying. If you wish to stop those notifications you can easily do that. All you need to do is, open settings then find notification and actions, and then choose how you want to keep the notification in the system.

6. Software at Startup

There are many things that you don’t even know about that make your system slow.  One of those is software that starts when you turn on the system. This software is inbuilt software that runs for ease, but sometimes or most of the time you don’t require them. All the software which you don’t require at the startup can be disabled.

For disabling the software you need to press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC together to run the startup bar and in that section, you can choose which software you want to keep at startup and disable the rest.

After you have disabled the software you can observe that your computer will perform better.

7. Updates

If your OS is not updated then also you can witness a decline in speed. You need to keep your system updated as it will keep it away from bugs. Moreover, you can access the new updated features of the OS and software when you update.

8. Remove Pop-up Ads

The way notifications can be annoying is the same way pop-up ads can be. Ads that you don’t even wish to appear on your screen will appear while you browse on the internet. You can easily block the pop-up ads which you see on the browser. All you have to do is open settings in the browsers, then advanced settings and there you can observe the block pop-up option. By turning the option off you can restrict them from appearing.

After you restrict the pop-up you can easily browse on the internet without any interruption.

Solved: Problems Windows PC User Face

Most of you must have got the solution to your problem from the list above. If not then you can write us down your problem. We will try and drop some solution for that.

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