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Considering the strenuous lifestyle and the demanding professional commitments that we are into these days, it is important to have mechanisms to unwind and relax. One of the most basic and go-to solutions for this unwinding is a good massage. Massage therapy has found a warm welcome in the past decade with the increasing focus on health and wellness.

Although people know that a massage could be one of the best solutions for the stress that they are going through, it is quite difficult to find the right massage therapist and massage parlor.

The challenges for the massage seeker

Although on the surface, massage seems like a simple process, there are a lot of intricacies involved, and it takes a real expert to perform the right massage. A small slip even by a few inches can be detrimental to the health of the person.

What makes the situation sad is that there might be a massage therapist living right across the street, and you may not know about the person’s existence. Even if you did, there are quite some chances that you might not know of their credibility that they have earned through a multitude of endorsements.

Therefore, you are missing out on a wonderful opportunity to relax even if you know that there was a person available with a considerable magnitude of access.

There is no question about the presence of amazing massage therapists and parlors. However, sometimes, you might have to navigate through cumbersome streets and dangerous neighborhoods to access the area. Therefore, quality massage, even if it is known and available, can be quite difficult to access for the person who needs it at that time.

The challenges for the massage therapist

Flipping the equation would easily give the challenge that the massage therapist faces. There might be a person who needs a massage right across the street, and the massage therapist might miss out not only on a precious earning opportunity but even patronage that will earn them an ongoing income and referrals.

They might be impeccable in the trade and possess quite some expertise. However, their physical location can sometimes be a deterrent for people in availing of their services. The deterrence can be attributed to access, parking facilities, neighborhood, and even the hygiene of the parlor that could be quite in contrast with the prowess of the massage therapist.

Another bigger problem that massage therapists face is the cultural convolution associated with massage services. Some stereotyping has pushed massage therapists into a territory of encountering unwarranted approaches and advances. While the provision of certain questionable services in addition to massages in certain areas cannot be disputed, it is not the case with the entire industry, from the perspectives of both the massage therapist and the person who seeks the massage.

How to bridge the gap?

From the challenges, it can be understood that there are two different aspects that need to be addressed.

The first one is with respect to visibility. The massage therapist should make their presence felt and visible in the vicinity of their location, so they can provide services to someone who needs it. On the mirrored side, a person who seeks a massage should be in a position to find a massage therapist who can provide a good service. What could enhance the offering is that the massage service can be provided to the customer right in the comfort of their homes. This reduces the possibility of the customer having to encounter anything that might not be comfortable for them.

That brings us to the next big challenge of addressing the possibility of ethical and moral violations. By bringing in an authentication and authorization procedure in addition to identity verification, even this issue can be effectively solved. Even isolated records of such instances can be correlated and presented to both the massage therapist and the user.

All these things are possible through a simple location-based on-demand massage service app. The idea of such an app is not completely novel. There are a lot of established brands like Zeel that have established a name for themselves and have been instrumental in transforming the provision and the perception of the massage industry.

The market

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics records that there are about 166,700 massage therapists in the market right now, and the market is expected to grow at a staggering rate of 21% in the next 10 years.

Such a change in the market is attributed to the growing exposure and the attenuation of the taboo quotient associated with massages. Maybe the COVID-19 pandemic might slow down the growth initially, but the artist is quite likely to catapult the growth into an unprecedentedly high magnitude.

This is probably a perfect time for an aspiring entrepreneur to start their own massage service on-demand app business like Zeel.

The way it works… And the features

An on-demand massage app like Zeel is, in essence, an Uber for massages. The way it works is simple and straightforward.

Both the customer and the user will have to download different apps and will have to create a profile by registering. Both of them will have authentication and identification procedures that will make the entire offering more secure and dependable.

The user can either give permission for the app to access the location or manually input the address. If the app is designed for the massage therapist to provide their services at the location of the user, the GPS comes into play to direct the massage therapist to the exact location of the user.

Based on the location, the app lists all the possible massages available in that location. Users can filter or search by the kind of massage that they will need or a specific massage therapist they would like to hire. It is to be remembered that there will even be subcategories under the kind of massage that users would like to avail of.

If a person chooses to hire a massage therapist by the kind of massage, the app will list all the therapists who provide that service. The users, in addition to the name and experience of the therapist, can also see the reviews and the star ratings that they have garnered over their years. Based on these parameters, the user can select the massage therapist that they want, and also the time slot in which they would like to avail of the massage.

The massage therapist has the right to accept or reject the request either based on their convenience or based on the feedback given about that particular user by the other massage therapist who has serviced them. If they choose to accept the job, the user gets a notification regarding the acceptance and the details of the massage therapist.

The massage therapist is provided with the details of the user, including but not limited to their name, their address, and the type of massage that they have requested. As seen earlier, the GPS enabled navigation comes to the forefront in enabling the massage therapist to precisely reach the location of the user. The user can also get real-time updates on the movement of the massage therapist.

The therapist can provide the service that they were required to and close the session. The user can choose to make a payment either through cash or by using digital payment methods like credit cards and debit cards. A payment gateway is integrated with this app for this particular purpose.

As you may have already inferred, both the user and the massage therapist get an opportunity to rate each other based on the courtesy, the behavior, and the professionalism, wherever it applies. This makes the entire ecosystem democratic, pushing the massage therapist to provide top class service and the user to maintain decent behavior when being serviced.


Now that you are aware of the market, the solution, the process, and the challenges, and above everything, the way to overcome them with an on-demand massage service app, all that is left for a nice finding entrepreneur like you is to invest in on-demand massage therapists app development.

Building an app like Zeel from scratch, however, can be a cumbersome and daunting affair. Instead of going for hiring your own team of developers or partnering with an app development company, you can go for a Zeel app clone. The app is bound to have all the features of an on-demand massage app like Zeel. In addition, going for a white label clone app like Zeel will also save you a lot of time and money, and will also ensure that there are no bugs present in the product that might interfere with the basic functionality.

All you need to do is get in touch with the company that specializes in the development and customization of white label on-demand massage service apps like Zeel. They will take care to understand the requirement and customize them in line with your business needs, so you can start making your profit in this rapidly growing market… Without any stress!

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