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7 innovative branding ideas for your product


No business can survive the market or competition without branding. It is a necessary part of establishing a business in front of their target audience. Branding is the process of creating a visual symbol or name for your business, which aids in making it an entity that is recognizable by tons of customers.

It aids to create a positive perception of a brand for the audience. What you do or say and how you do it creates an opinion in the minds of the customers, and branding is all about ensuring that it goes towards a positive direction. Unfortunately, there is no single rule book that can guide you, and the ones that are there are pretty confusing.

But here let’s discuss a few evergreen branding tips and will work every time.

  1. Figure out your archetype

The archetype is a concept defined by Psychologist Carl Jung which defines specific characteristics that we have during different phases of our life. It works for branding as well because Jung believes that a business cannot just sell the product/service. They have to tell a story, and when you choose an archetype for your brand, you choose a character that you can use to tell stories as well.

For instance, Apple’s archetype is being a visionary, so anytime you open a MacBook or an iPad, you know you are seeing a story of a visionary like no other.

Having an archetype provides the brand with consistency and helps with the marketing campaign.

  1. Work on your logo to make it relevant and happening

 The logo is one of the crucial elements of your brand identity, which, in turn, helps with the whole branding process. So, make sure you use the best tools like PhotoADKing logo maker to create a  logo. The logo needs to be minimal, simple, but effective. It should have a subtle touch which gives the meaning behind it without overwhelming anyone. For instance, the logo of Amazon is simple- it’s the word itself with an arrow pointing going from A to Z, which shows that here you can find a to z products.

Make sure it delivers the brand message with ease and ensure you use it on everything from business cards, website, to merchandise.

  1. Work on your social media strategy

    Social media is a powerful tool for all businesses, irrespective of their nature and size. With the help of multiple social media channels at your disposal, you have the power to tap into tons of consumers globally.

So, make sure your branding strategy includes social media because it does more than connect you with your audience. It creates recognition for your brand while ensuring that you build a trustworthy relationship with your consumers. Therefore, your images must have your logo; it should follow the same color theme as the brand’s visual identity, and paid ads. To make sure you use this channel correctly, pick the right social media as not everyone uses the same one. So, your older audience might prefer Facebook, but a teenager will go for Instagram.

  1. Email marketing is an important tool for branding

 Email marketing has an advantage over other branding tools, and that is that it comes directly to your inbox. Email marketing helps deliver relevant information to your audience in an intriguing way. All you need to do is find the right design or template for your email newsletter or promotional email.

  1. Collaborate with influencers for branding

When you collaborate with an influencer, you not only sell your product, but you create an identity for your business as consumers trust an influencer more than a paid ad. A brand can find influencers on Instagram, on Facebook, YouTube, and more. It is up to you to figure out the right influencer for your brand. Find someone who works in your niche and has a unique way of connecting with their audience.

  1. Create compelling packages

For a brand that deals with physical products, it is imperative to work hard on the products and its packaging as they are part of the branding process too. When a customer gets your product, the first thing that they will see is the package, so you need to make sure that it is compelling, sturdy, and has information about getting in touch with the brand.

Keep your packaging unique and switch it up once in a while to keep things interesting.

  1. Have an official website and blog

The best branding efforts come from an official blog/website for a business. It is the source of information and detail that a customer can go to and has the assurance that they will get authentic details. A website provides a place where the audience can look for information, while the blog provides credibility and traffic.

Branding is a continuous process and you need to keep evolving all your elements to fit the dynamic market.

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