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6 Effective Practices For Preventing Cancer


Cancer is becoming common day by day. According to statistics published by the American Cancer Society, this year, more than 85 thousand new cases diagnosed related to cancer. The death rate is also increasing because of the increase in such cases. An unhealthy diet is the leading cause of cancer. People who eat too much, processed food are more likely to get cancer.

However, eating unhealthy processed food is not the only reason for that. Smoking and drinking also cause cancer. Cancer of the bladder, breast, kidney, and lung are common cancers nowadays. To prevent these kinds of cancer, you have to adopt good habits. What are these good habits? To find this out I visited my old friend Usman, who is the best oncologist in Karachi. After discussion, he gave me the 6 practices that will help anybody to prevent cancer.

6 Ways To Prevent Cancer

Preventing cancer does not mean you will be totally free from getting any kind of cancer. However, by following certain guidelines you can minimize the odds of getting cancer. By gaining healthy weight, eating healthy food, doing exercise, and avoiding smoking & drinking, you can prevent cancer.  

  1.       Sustain a Healthy Weight

Sustaining a healthy weight helps in avoiding cancer. How? Because a person who is obese has a higher risk of getting cancer. The fat cells of such a person make the extra hormones and growth factors that cause more cells to divide. This cell division ultimately increases the chances of producing cancer cells that may lead to the tumor in the long term.

Therefore keep an eye on your weight and lose any extra weight if you have any.

  1.       Exercise Daily

Exercises are helpful for avoiding cancer. It helps in maintaining a healthy weight and therefore keeps you fit and healthy. Besides maintaining a healthy weight, it also helps in releasing such hormones that are essential for your body, such hormones are also helpful for preventing cancer.

Therefore when you wake up early in the morning visit the park instead of visiting the inbox.

  1.       Avoid Smoking

Smoking is good for keeping your mind relaxed. However, it has more downsides. Smoking causes lung cancer but still many people love smoking. If you are a regular smoker then it’s time to take a permanent break from this bad habit.

Avoiding smoking does not mean you can smoke e-cigarette or hookah. Both of these things are much worse than the cigarette. A person who smokes has a higher chance of getting cancer. Therefore quit now by seeking help from your loved ones or replace the cigarette with nicotinic gum.

  1.       Eat Healthy Food

Eating healthy is helpful for the health of both mind and body. People who eat unhealthy food are more likely to develop cancer cells in their body. Processed foods are the major cause of cancer. Therefore it is important to avoid such foods that contain artificial flavor and colors.

Start eating a healthy diet that should contain, chicken, meat, eggs, grain, rice, beans, fish, and leafy green vegetables.

  1.       Don’t Drink

Drinking is as harmful to your body as smoking. Therefore it is also important to avoid drinking. Drinking can cause liver cancer. The best way to avoid drinking is to replace your alcohol with non-alcoholic beverages. Use these non-alcoholic beverages during your meal.

In case you are addicted to alcohol then it is better to seek medical advice from professionals.

  1.       Avoid Too Much Sun Exposure

Sun exposure can also lead to cancer. If you are surprised then spread awareness about this as I was also not aware of it until I met Dr. Usman. Too much exposure to the sun can damage your skin cells that may lead to cancer cells.

For avoiding this cancer it is important to avoid going out during the middle of the day.

Summing Up

Cancer is becoming common and therefore it is important to take the right and early step for preventing such chronic diseases. Therefore by using the above-mentioned practices you can successfully prevent cancer. However, it is also advised to the reader to get the screening tests regularly. As early diagnosis can save your life.

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