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5 support surfaces that can help in preventing pressure ulcers


Developing pressure ulcers is a painful experience that partially or completely retards bodily movement. Ulcers cause damage to the underlying tissues, especially among elderly patients. It requires great care to use pressure-reducing surfaces that are durable medical equipment required for treatment of the pressure ulcers. The major distinction between the surfaces can be made on whether they use electricity for their functioning or not. Another distinction can be made as to which type of surface in use. Besides, there are various types of precautions that people take to prevent pressure ulcers. For example, some of them are the use of medical sheepskins, soft sitting sofas, and so on. Based on this classification, these can be divided into three groups such as:

Group 1: The surfaces included in this group are the ones that are intended to replace the hospital or home mattresses or serve as an overlay that could be placed on the home and hospital mattresses. These include mattress overlays, mattresses, or pressure pads.

Group 2: The purpose of the surfaces included in this group is the same as that of group 1 but the products are usually powered. These include powered air flotation beds, powered pressure reducing air mattresses, and some advanced non power

Group 3: This group includes products for complete bed rest such as air-fluidized beds designed for the circulation of filtered air through the silicon beads. People with chronic pressure ulcer problems use these products.

The following article discusses the five best pressure supports that can help in preventing pressure ulcers and lessen the painful experience. These include:

Air pressure mattresses:

These mattresses are also sometimes known as anti-decubitus mattresses. The work by using and changing the different motions and patterns of air so that pressure building is minimized. This does not allow the pressure injuries as you can enjoy constant pressure throughout your body while lying on the mattress. The multiple air-inflated tubes inflate and deflate causing the patient to move and not stay in one position for a longer period of time. It releases the extra pressure that is present under the body of patients.

These mattresses are waterproof and durable that can be easily placed on the top of the hospital beds. Thus, they are regarded as one of the best mattresses to prevent wounds and sores.

Close Up Sheep Wool (1)

Crossover mattresses:

These are also known as hybrid mattresses which make use of both the air and the foam. They can work in both static and altering mode with the aid of a control unit.  Some hybrid systems work without power and the cells can be adjusted through the movement of patients. The crossover mattresses have a unique design as the foam material in the center is covered in the air cell or has the air cells above and below the foam.

One of the greatest advantages of using this mattress is that it can be shifted to the static or altering mode according to the needs and requirements of the patients. If the risk of pressure ulcers is high, you can shift the mattress to the alternative model and vice versa.

Gel mattress overlays:

Pressure ulcers can lead to devastating consequences along with a high risk of death. As mentioned above, the mattresses can help with the removal of the excessive pressure from the body but when combined with mattress overlays, the effect can be significantly enhanced. The combination of both the pressure relief mattresses and the bed overlays can increase the effect of the home hospital beds. The bed or mattress overlays greatly reduce the shear and pressure between the patient’s body and the surface they are lying on. They maintain the uniform distribution of pressure to the bodily areas where there is not enough padding of the muscles and fats.

They come with non-sheer, no-friction surfaces that are often the leading cause of pressure sores and ulcers. Apart from that, these overlays help in maintaining a proper moisture and hydration level so that the blood flow towards the damaged muscles is not hampered. These also help in reducing the bacterial load from the mattresses and the onset of diseases as they are easy to clean.

Genuine sheepskin wool:

You may be wondering how the sheepskin wool can help in reducing the pressure on the body and the prevention of pressure ulcers but they work perfectly well to treat sores and ulcers. It is made of thick, springy, and soft wool fibers that uniformly distribute the pressure across the body and pressure points on large areas. Moreover, the wool also helps in providing optimal hydration to the body as 30% of the wool fibers are made of moisture. Providing the properties of zero friction and nill body shearing, the wool can be of great help to the patients.

It is placed on the top of the bottom fitted sheets for beds. The biggest advantage is that you can wash and dry the wool after use and reuse it anytime you want.

Pressure release pads:

If you want to help your loved ones suffering from pressure sores, pressure release pads are an excellent choice. Consisting of 130 individual bubbles and pressure pumps for inflation and deflation, the pads can greatly help with the prevention of pressure ulcers. Although the pump attached with the pads is noisy but that easily fits in the bed, maintains consistent airflow, and supports up to 300lb weight. The unnecessary pressure within the body can be easily released using these pads.

The inflation and deflation of the pads are very comfortable and do not vibrate so that the patient using this can lay easily on the bed. Thus, it is imperative to buy these pads for patients that have developed a chronic pressure sore.

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