5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Aluminium Doors For Office

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Aluminium Doors for Office

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Doors are one of the first things that anybody notices when they enter an office. Other than providing safety, doors also add a lot to the decor. Though ignored, they are the contributing factors that add to the vibe of the room. If you are looking for one of the safest choices for doors at an affordable price, aluminium doors could be your go-to option for offices.

There is a strong reason behind aluminium being the magical metal, especially when it comes to using it for making doors. This metal is present in abundance and thus can be used extensively. It is lightweight yet strong. It is easy to convert them into frames for windows and doors. This is why aluminium doors are becoming the next choice for offices and homes. Here is a detailed look at the list of the top five reasons why you should choose aluminium doors for offices.


You might have seen aluminium in various forms and figures, varying from thin aluminium foils to a statue. This metal is extremely tensile and malleable. Tensile means that they can be transformed into different shapes and sizes without the fear of breaking. You can easily adjust the shape, size, and thickness of doors and frame without worrying about breakage.

One of the most important facts about aluminium doors is that at a lower temperature, its strength increases. For better results, you can also mix it up with other metals and prepare alloys. When compared to other metals like steel, it is noticed that aluminium is light in weight as well as has a tensile strength of 90MPa. Even if you kick the door hard, it won’t break so easily. When it comes to office doors, this strength is very important and hence make an ideal choice.

Corrosion Resistance

Once you have installed an aluminium door, you don’t need to further think about it getting damaged from corrosion. As soon as this metal gets into contact with air, it oxidizes and forms aluminium oxide. Unlike other metallic oxides, aluminium oxide is resistant to any sort of corrosion. It needs very low maintenance and hence the best option for offices.

If you want to revamp your office aluminium doors and increase its lifespan, you can easily repaint them. These doors can withstand any weather changes. Aluminium doors also don’t swell-up or crack because of changing seasons. Doors made out of wood and PVC don’t last this long. You need to replace them every four to five years and if you live in an extreme weather condition, then the frequency of changing increases. Timber doors also get affected by insects like termites, thus reducing the life span of the door. Hence, aluminium doors are the go-to option for offices.


Every day, we hear a lot about global warming, deforestation, increased use of plastic, etc. We cannot contribute a lot, but a simple change can make a great effect. A lot of trees are cut to make a single wooden door. Also, if the wood gets affected due to insects or swells up and cracks due to rain, it cannot be reused or recycled. PVC doors are also not recyclable or their recycling percentage is very less. On the other hand, aluminium is 100% recyclable.

The demand for aluminium is growing daily in every industry and still, it is available in large quantities. The best part of using aluminium products like windows and doors is that even after you replace it, the old doors can be reconstructed without wasting any bit of it. This way, your office can contribute its bit towards conserving the environment.

Add to the Aesthetic Value

Aluminium doors don’t just serve the right purpose and benefit you but also look good. Usually, these doors are anodized or powder-coated. Anodizing is a process in which the metal is exposed to acid and current is flown through it. Anodizing makes the metal last longer than its usual life expectancy. Anodized aluminium products are also easy to powder-coat. Powder coating is better than normal painting as you don’t need to keep on adding layers of paint.

Aluminium is available in a wide range of colours and styles, including aluminium glass doors. Aluminium oxide is porous and special dyes and paints are used to fill those pores. These dyes ensure easy availability of colourful doors. Sliding doors made of aluminium are also in trend. They add a contemporary feel to your office at a less price. So, you can find an extensive variety of options to suit your office décor.

Easy Maintenance

Aluminium doors can be easily maintained without any additional expenses. These are noise-less and comfortable. The doors can be converted and made into a heat-reflective glass. By doing this, the UV rays can be blocked, but you will get the sunlight or any other bright light in the room. This will lower the energy bills in your office. They also keep the temperature inside the room regulated.

As far as cleaning is concerned, in case of excess dirt and grease, you can wipe the door with a mild soap solution. So, things get easier for your housekeeping team at the office. Aluminium doors are also scratch-free and don’t require frequent replacements. If maintained properly, these doors will last for a long time.

Considering all these benefits, there’s no doubt that you can find a better option than aluminium doors for your office.

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