4 secrets of integrated marketing


Compared with the past, companies can now attract customers and potential customers through more channels and touch points, but each channel has its own characteristics, and the opportunities contained therein are also different. As a marketer, you need to understand which channels are relevant to the target. The audience is the most attractive, and it is clear how to give full play to the unique advantages of each channel, and use integrated methods to promote interaction and improve marketing returns. In this regard, integrated marketing can help you.

The following methods can help you successfully create and implement an integrated marketing strategy:

All channels are divided and coordinated

In a singing group, each member has different roles, but they will sing the same song during the performance. The same should be true for integrated marketing, that is, ensure that the marketing messages of each channel are consistent with the entire marketing theme at all times.

However, please do not simply copy the blog content to social media, or directly use them to create emails. Doing so will only bore the target audience, or even unfollow and terminate the interaction. Just as a singing group will increase the level of sound through various voices, you can ask multiple writers to focus on a theme, from multiple dimensions, and use multiple narrative methods to convey brand information, and then attract target audiences on multiple channels and resonate. In this way, you can achieve synergy across channels and avoid information conflicts and redundancy.

In actual marketing, you can create integrated marketing themes and marketing messages in marketing software, such as content calendars, and then assign each channel to different marketers or freelance writers, and ask them to promote their own style and separate them according to their own ideas. Create marketing content. In addition, please pay attention to job rotation. For example, a marketer will be responsible for the blog channel this month, and he will be asked to be responsible for email marketing next month.

Carry out localized marketing

In integrated marketing, many marketers often pay too much attention to those big channels and platforms in order to cover as many target audiences as possible, while ignoring the particularities of certain markets and regions, because sometimes big channels and platforms are not necessarily suitable Marketing promotion and customer interaction. In this regard, please carry out localized marketing, that is, according to the specific needs of the local audience, choose one or two channels that can attract the audience the most, such as social media, text messages, and search engines, and then adjust the marketing content regularly to promote integrated marketing strategies Localized promotion at the same time.

Localized marketing helps companies overcome subtle regional and cultural differences, bridge the language gap, and smoothly open up new international markets. This requires you to recruit local talents. You need to adjust the promotional copy, product names, slogans and various other marketing content according to the language and culture of the target market to ensure that the target audience can easily understand and accept them.

Integrate data from various channels

Cross-channel analysis is an indispensable part of integrated marketing, but in reality, many companies and marketers are not doing well enough or in-depth enough. They usually view and analyze marketing data on various channels in isolation, and cannot extract valuable insights from it. In this regard, by synchronizing and analyzing the marketing data of various channels, you can better reveal how the target audience interacts with the company through multiple channels-even through multiple channels at the same time.

In this way, you can provide target customers with highly relevant and excellent experiences in all channels (email, social, mobile, web, etc.) in a timely and more targeted manner, more accurately evaluate the effects of marketing recommendations, and explore which channel combinations has the highest conversion rate to optimize marketing spending, such as paid social media, Google advertising, and other large budget consumers.

Moreover, you can create a Wikipedia page about your business or brand to get more online audience. However, creating such a page is difficult and requires professional approach. Turning to professional Wikipedia editor is highly advisable since such experts know all the essential rules and policies of Wikipedia.

Return to traditional channels

A problem that has become increasingly prominent recently is that companies pay too much attention to digital transformation and ignore traditional channels. In fact, many millennial prefer a retro marketing approach. In this regard, you need to make it clear whether your target audience prefers print ads, billboards, TV ads, direct mail, etc.

For example, direct mail marketing to target audiences can attract customers and potential customers to physical stores. Of course, if you add a QR code to the email, customers can also use the service on their smartphones and interact with you through websites or social media. In this way, you can attract customers to both online and offline channels and influence their purchasing decisions.

In addition, you can also use traditional channels to warm up, and then digitally promote through email or social media to further strengthen your marketing influence and attract target audiences on multiple channels and at the best time.

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