4 Reasons to Place Facebook Ads Now

4 Reasons to Place Facebook Ads Now


It has been said that “Facebook is Awaken ” and “There are almost no young people, only the elderly”, but now Facebook marketing is attracting attention again.

This time, I will introduce the reason and how to use reviews Facebook advertisement. If you are in charge of SNS operations or advertising, please check it out.@ For More Likes: buy likes for Facebook page

High accuracy of targeting

Facebook is said to be far more accurate than ads that target using Google’s cache. When you register on Facebook, you register your hobbies and tastes, such as your name, gender, age, area of ​​residence, and in some cases your school or your favorite Facebook page. Facebook originally has a huge amount of such personal data, so it is a platform that can reach appropriate targeting. In fact, in the case of store-type advertisements, it is possible to make fairly detailed settings, such as advertising to people within a radius of zero km from the store.

Advertising screening has become stricter

The screening has become stricter than ever, such as advertisements for encouraging e-mail newsletter registration and creating lists, and landing pages aimed at affiliates. As a result, not only individual affiliates but also inexperienced personnel have become more difficult to introduce, and low-quality advertisements have decreased.

Can be used with Instagram ads

As you all know, Instagram and Facebook are the same company, so when you place an ad, you can easily place it on either platform with just one click. “Advertising on Instagram is so popular that it is often passed through, but the click-through rate from Facebook was surprisingly high!” Since it is possible to publish from a few hundred yen a day, it may be a risk to choose the option of not posting from the beginning.@ buy more likes: buy Facebook likes

Catch long-term customers with video ads

Amazing-style ads that only show videos are more responsive than CPA-type ads and are said to reach a large number of people. Even if photos of products that you do not know at all flow on the timeline and you are told to “buy” or “register for paid e-mail newsletter”, there is a possibility that conversions will not be clicked, let alone Facebook. Anyone who has used it can imagine it. It can be said that this is the aim because there are few companies on Facebook that offer long-term advertising methods that first make people aware of high-cost video ads and then purchase them at a later date.

Facebook is said to be Awaken, but it is also true that there are still many services and affiliates that are making a profit from Facebook advertising. It’s important to stay in fashion, but depending on how you use it, you may get the ideal results.

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